Introducing PSiO:  The New Age in Personal Development, Relaxation, Meditation and Performance 

The PSiO MP3 Color Player has something for everyone.  With our ever growing library of relaxation, performance, personal development and meditation programs, there is something for the whole family to enjoy. 

Audiovisual Stimulation (AVS) is known as an alternative therapy for many issues such as: 

 ADD/ADHD Autism Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)   Addictions  
 Sleep Disorders Depression Migraines  Fibromyalgia Reduce Stress 
 Anxiety  Chronic Pain   PTSD Skin Conditions Weight Loss Chronic Fatigue  

 Audiovisual Stimulation is also successfully used to:

  • Aid in job related stressors and issues caused by work overload

  • Boost Physical performance in athletes, reduce recovery time and relieve game day stress

  • Increase academic performance in students by improving memory, focus, concentration and energy, for late night study sessions without caffeine

  • Increasing cognitive function in seniors, aid in stress relief and boost energy

  • Effectively and naturally improve health by helping to reduce the effects of stress 





 The PSiO is not recognized as a treatment or cure of any medical condition or disability.  The PSiO is not a medical device and is not approved by the FDA.  However, research suggests that the PSiO may be an effective relaxation and meditation tool.  If you have epilepsy, are photosensitive epileptic or suffer from any issues caused by flashing lights please call to ask about our Photosensitive Programs.  The standard programs on the PSiO are NOT for your use.  As always speak with your doctor before trying any new therapy.