About PSiO

Mind Booster PSiO

Mind Booster PSiO 1.1

Portable audiovisual stimulator



  • 1 pair of glasses
  • 2 mono ear buds (ps: stereo connection (right arm) for headset)
  • 1 universal transformer 110/220V
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 nose adapter
  • 1 Quick Start manual
  • 2-year warranty
  • Pre-loaded audio tutorial in:
    FR / EN / ES


  • Sound level
  • Luminosity level
  • Play / Pause
  • Next file
  • Previous file
  • 8 hours audio-visual content
  • 4h for full battery
PSiO Glasses

Programs Included

By Music and Colors

  1. Carmenita (8 min)
  2. Je nous aime (6 min)
  3. Survival (5 min)
  4. Taking off (9 min)
  5. Harmony (8 min)
  6. Serenity (10 min)

By Beats and Colors

  1. Sieste 2
    (Energy Source – 16 min.)
  2. Crea 1
    (Creativity– 31 min. )
  3. Crea 2
    (Eureka – 30 min.)

By Voice, Music and Colors

  1. Joy of Live
    (EN – 38 min) (FR-38 min) (ES-28 min)




PSiO Mind Booster 1.1PSiO
 Mind Booster 1.1

The PSiO is a pair of audiovisual stimulation glasses that come with earphones and high-tech electronics that use MP3 files to play sounds and synchronizes the  sound with light stimulation programs.  Music and voice guidance are sometimes added for a different program experience.



What is the technology behind PSiO?

audio visual stimulationThe technology behind the PSiO is based on the simple and well known principle of diverting attention also known as brainwave entrainment.  The constant thought process, or “brain chatter” is a well known source of stress, anticipation and or apprehension.  By eliminated that using AVS the user is truly able to relax, which will leave you feeling truly refreshed and energized.  Through the use of both audio and visual stimulation, AVS, the PSiO leads the user on a psychedelic odyssey to the edge of sleep.    While never actually falling asleep, the user is lead on a journey into a state of consciousness that has been known for over 500 years to be suggestive and therefore allows the user to work on areas of personal development and enrichment.  Memorization, information processing, concentration, relaxation, recuperation, jet-lag and other mental strains are just some of the areas AVS has been known to aid or strengthen.   This technique is becoming more and more popular with students and professionals to cope with the requirements of intense mental strain and the heavy fatigue that follows.

Portable audiovisual stimulatorThe technology used in the PSiO is a combination of colored stimulation, and pulsating beats at very precise frequencies.   Sometimes PSiO combines the color therapy with binaural beats and, or with relaxing music and suggestive voices that at times enter sequentially and at other times in multi-evocation (that is, simultaneously).  This is the method developed by Dr Milton Erickson, the creative genius behind indirect suggestion.  The texts of the recorded messages are written by doctors who specialize in psychosomatic medicine.  The speakers are professionals with years of experience in phraseology and suggestion.  The music is developed in collaboration with musicology and relaxation specialists to create a wonderful relaxing escape.


PSiO Glasses

The technology is somewhat different, depending on the area of application :

  • Balance (sound beats, color beats, binaural beats, music, voice & multi-evocations)
  • Wellness (sound beats, color beats, music, single voices)
  • Performance (sound beats, color beats, sound or music track)
  • Entertainment/Music (music, sound beats, color beats)

The protocols of the sound and light stimulation sessions have been carefully developed, using a new type of electroencephalogram: the neo-EEG created by the renowned Professor Sorel, a great Belgian neurologist, now deceased.

This is what makes the PSiO Mind Booster 1.1 programs extremely unique and very original.

The BALANCE sector programs, available at https://psiousa.psioplanet.com/, are also distributed on disks and have been approved by the Belgian Ministry of Health. It should be noted that these audio programs are only sold through the pharmacy network in Belgium where they are prescribed like medicine by generalists. This is truly a world first and a guarantee of exceptional quality for PSiO users!  This of course is not Belgium, and here in the US and Canada, they are just audio programs.

Our Vision

Our vision is based on a deep understanding of the PSiO’s operating mechanisms :

  • It blocks rumination (brain chatter)
  • It causes the user’s attention to move into a state of radical rest thanks to an uninterrupted flow of sound and light.
  • It maintains the mind in a twilight state, at the edge of sleep.  This state has been known for over half a century for its effect on memorization, information management, integration and recovery.

Our vision is to see the PSiO in every household across North and South America.  For every family member to be able to truly relax and reach their full potential.   To be used by students in place of energy drinks and coffee for those all night study sessions, as well as for those having concentration or memorization issues.  For mom and dad to unwind at the end of the day, and for overall preventive purposes to counter disruptions caused by stress related to work and everyday overload.

The PSiO is a revolution in healthy living for those who get on board and Catch the Wave!